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Most beautiful yoga retreats

Marta, 25 november 2019
Most beautiful yoga retreats

Yoga is experiencing, communing with people and ... traveling to beautiful places. Of course, yoga can also be practiced on the floor. But with the development of skills comes the desire to experience better, stronger and differently. There are amazing places in the world that remain the dream of many yoga lovers. For some they are already a beautiful memory, and for others - a so-called 'must see' place. We have prepared for you a list of places that we secretly dream about ;)

1. Indonesia, Bali

Fabulous landscapes, silence, ubiquitous greenery - does this sound like the perfect place to practice yoga? Tropical Bali offers yoga enthusiasts five-star, spacious villas located on the holy river, but not only - the offer is so wide that everyone will find something for themselves. Example - Yoga Barn. One of the most recognized yoga centers, located among the rice terraces of the village of Ubud, with its own organic garden.

2. India, Goa

Here - in India - yoga had its beginning. That is why this place tempts yoga lovers so much. Beach holidays combined with relaxing and calming yoga sessions? It is possible. For example, at Little Cove Yoga Retreat. It is located on a private, picturesque beach, and its basic premise is living close to nature.

3. Australia, Melbourne and Sydney

Visiting Australia and a yoga lover - one cannot miss One Hot Yoga & Pilates. This is an unusual place, designed with class, a note of elegance and passion. It is also the first place in the world where classes take place at elevated temperature, close to the human body - 37 degrees. Apparently, thanks to this solution, you can burn off more calories.

4. Netherlands Antilles, Aruba

This tropical paradise is actually for everyone - windsurfers, kitesurfers and of course for yoga lovers. Kilometers of beaches with warm, white sand, azure, clear water and sun all year round - isn't that enough? Island Yoga Retreat is a place where you can test your balance by practicing sup yoga.

5. Maldives

Underwater yoga without the need for a dive - only at the Hurawalhi resort in the Maldives. Here, you will feel like in the middle of the oceanic depth, among water animals, and you do not have wet your clothes!

6. Morocco, Aourir

This is an offer for lovers of more adrenaline. You don't have to choose here - you can practice yoga and try surfing. SurfMaroc offers yoga classes in a climatic villa with a beautiful view of the Moroccan coast. The wind in your hair, the sun-kissed skin, sand under your feet, your favorite yoga mat and not a care in the world. Yes please!


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