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Meditation set CHILL OUT


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Meditation set Chill Out

Meditation kit - velvety afternoon bliss for modern witches

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere after an intense day

Velvety afternoon comfort, the moment when time starts slowing down, after daily pursuits and post-work. Palo santo will soothe your senses, white sage will cleanse the space around you, and your home will become pure and good energy. Amethyst – the stone of harmony and relaxation – is a kind of amulet, its colour stimulates the highest vibration of the Third Eye. Immerse yourself in the magical and cosy afternoon, lit a candle, let its flame calm you and the scent embrace you. You deserve all that is best.

Meditation set Chill Out - composition of the box:

1. Palo santo

• Makes it possible to get rid of negative emotions, cleanses the mind and the aura.

• Has properties that facilitate meditation and increase the energy flow.

2. Sage

• For cleansing,

• For restoring balance, protection.

• Has therapeutic properties.

• Soothes anxieties, depression and hyperactivity.

• Calms the mind, relaxes the body, positively impacts the mood.

3. Purple amethyst stone

• Soothes headaches and migraines

• Helps for insomnia – ensures healthy and peaceful sleep

• “Stone of harmony and relaxation”

• Restores balance for people susceptible to stress, brings calmness and frees your mind from negative thoughts

• Helps you cope with emotions, gives you patience, frees from daily fatigue and problems

4. 60 ml candle – fig and cardamom

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