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Rainbow Moonstone (Labradorite)


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Rainbow Moonstone (Labradorite)

Natural gemstone

    Its colour is one of the most unusual ones you can find in the world of minerals, it enchants, it is mysterious, it glitters wonderfully in blue and green.

    It has very unusual properties. It is enough to carry the stone or have it in your surroundings. The energy of labradorite frees you from the sea of tormenting thoughts, it brings clarity to your mind, it helps you fight frustration, gives courage, helps you to overcome shyness, but it will also help you get rid of addictions and free whole reserves of positive energy. 

    According to an Eskimo legend, Aurora used to be imprisoned in the rocks of Labrador. It was freed by a passing Eskimo Warrior who threw a sharp spear at the rock. However, he did not manage to free her completely – some lights were left in the stones. And this is where the unusual colour of these stones allegedly comes from.

    Some interesting points: the stone should be washed in lukewarm water and once in a while placed in direct sunlight. This will help recharge it with solar energy thanks to which it will regain its sparkle and its properties.

    Rainbow Moonstone (Labradorite) - the power of stones:

    Each of the stones has some special individual power, this is what we value them for and this is why we want to have them with us. You can keep them in your handbag, on your desk at work, or on your night stand - always close at hand. 

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