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Round yoga mat SHAMANKA


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Round yoga mat Shamanka

Our round yoga mat, Shamanka, does not only have a unique shape, but is also a beautiful interior décor item. We wanted to create a yoga mat that would always be with you. One that would look gorgeous in your space and which you will not ever have to roll up, one that you could always hop onto for a yoga or meditation session.

Our round yoga mat gently alludes to the yin yang symbol – the concept of dualism of the Universe. This symbolism can be seen in the way a woman’s body and the cat are placed in relation to each other. Both of them have the same eyes, which symbolize interconnectivity and interdependency. They also act as a reminder of the dualistic nature of our world and symbolize the connection between elements.

This is the first round yoga mat on the market and we truly hope it will be loved by fans of mysticism and stylish interior design.

Eco-friendly round yoga mat safe for you, and the environment:

Round yoga mat SHAMANKA
Round yoga mat SHAMANKA is an eco-friendly option for eco conscious customers

  • size: 140 cm
  • thickness: 3 mm
  • weight: approx 4 kg
  • included: carrying strap

Best round yoga mat for any medium to hard intensity workout - Vinyasa yoga, Hot/Bikram yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, pregnancy yoga.

  • Dispatch in 2 working days (IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that this product is too big to fit into a "Paczkomat" so please choose another delivery option when ordering. Thank you)
  • Fast and secure online payment
  • 14 days full refund return

Round yoga mat Shamanka - details:

Eco friendly – Our eco-friendly round yoga mat is made of biodegradable, natural tree rubber, and a top microfibre layer. We care about the environment, and about your health, that’s why we have eliminated all potentially toxic glues and used water-based paints, with natural colourings from fruits and vegetables. Our round mats are free from other potentially toxic ingredients, sometimes present in yoga mats, such as pvc, lead, cadmium, silicones or latex.

Stability – The yoga mat’s thickness provides required stability during practice, while amortising and protecting your joints, which is particularly important when you practice on hard surfaces. Thanks to its fir-type tread, the yoga mat shows amazing adhesion to the ground, making sure your mat stays in place during practice.

Adhesion – The natural rubber yoga mats’ adhesion activates during practice and the warmer your body is, the better the adhesion. If you want immediate adhesion, it is best to slightly wet your hands and feet. You can also sprinkle your yoga mat with a little water just before your practice.

Allergy warning – persons with rubber or latex allergy should avoid contact with the mat.

More information under Care (go right) --->>>

Stunning yoga mats with dope conceptualisation.


I have most stunning mat and am so blissful about it.


You've got the most beautiful mats designs I have ever seen!


Your mats are gorgeous!


Gorgeous design!


My mat is a hit everywhere I go.


Love it!


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